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How to manage behavior with Class Dojo – TLC presentation 2014

Check out all of the resources that I use for my Class Dojo session in this Edmodo Folder

On top of using a lot of resources that are made AND produced by Class Dojo, I like to use this opening Prezi to introduce teachers to this great tool

Besides the Prezi, I have also made a plethora of video tutorials for teachers at my school to use this great tool. Here is my YouTube playlist of tutorials. I also wrote an article about Class Dojo that you can read on Yahoo! Voices

You can also check out some other professional development sessions that I have hosted

Comic Book! on Xbox Kinect Adventures on Water Disasters

Photo Sep 26, 10 11 03 AM

Students got to play 20,000 leaks on Kinect Adventures with the Xbox Kinect. Students felt the actual water disaster in the game, and then they had to collaborate on if they could prevent an actual water disaster, how would they do it. Students created original pieces of writing that explain … Continue reading

iWitness film contest submissions

Photo Nov 08, 12 33 43 PM

It has been a long time doing this project. From the scripting, to the storyboarding and going all the way through the filming and editing process as students realized a deadline. The majority of them were able to make their films for the iWitness film contest that was based on … Continue reading

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