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Dr. Spengler Said “Print is Dead.” Augmented Reality can bring it back #ISTE2015 Poster

augmented reality poster

augmented reality poster display for ISTE 2015

I love Augmented Reality – I feel that it will change the way that we see the world and how we interact with it. I have done this presentation before, whether at professional development sessions for my county, or for the Horry County Schools Tech Fair. I must say, I would know NOTHING about Augmented Reality if not for the great resources and ideas supplied by Two Guys and Some iPads. Here is a modified presentation from that Tech Fair:Augmented Reality Google Slides for ISTE ’15

Follow Black Water on Aurasma to see this Augmented Reality

Now, in order to view any of these samples, you at first need to follow Black Water in the Aurasma App by following these directions:

You can also see a gallery of student samples that some of my students made based on the work we did with the Xbox and Numbers App to compare / contrast data, which I modified from previous lessons that I did on using the Xbox Kinect in the Classroom:

I used this Prezi as a modified presentation originally from Tyler Hart along with resources from G Andrew Page at professional development sessions with my teachers to introduce them to Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality tips in the Aurasma Studio

In order to make your Trigger and Overlay come together as an Aura – you have to use Aursama Studio. Upon creating your account there, I would recommend you select “Account Management” on the lower right hand side of the screen and upgrading your account.

I would also recommend making a Channel for your whole school, and then sharing the username/password with all teachers at your school. This way, all teachers/students can create AND view your Augmented Reality content.

A lot of the great info that I got from using the Aurasma Studio I got from their YouTube channel playlist of tutorials:

How did you make a phone call / text / calendar subscription in your Augmented Reality samples?

I got all of this info from the initial tutorial HELP box of Aurasma Studio. Just click on Advanced Topics and then “Adding Click Through Actions to Auras”

augmented reality help topics

Click on the image to go to the Aurasma Studio website and explore the help topics



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