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How to manage behavior with Class Dojo – TLC presentation 2014

middle school teacher reflection dojo

Check out all of the resources that I use for my Class Dojo session in this Edmodo Folder On top of using a lot of resources that are made AND produced by Class Dojo, I like to use this opening Prezi to introduce teachers to this great tool Besides the … Continue reading

Math Collages show Emphasis, Contrast and Quotients


This gallery contains 25 photos.

This was a project that I did with my collaborating math teacher, Mr. Reeser. He provided me the terms that his kids were struggling with. My students made the art, came up with their own definitions and created images to help them remember the terms: Check out the lesson plan … Continue reading

What do you need to know for BWMS Media Arts

media arts syllabus

  This year, I am hoping to go as paperless as possible. The major advantage is turning my syllabus into a digital file. Now instead of printing off 300+ papers, the syllabus is a PDF where the parents can type out the student name, parent name and more Media Arts … Continue reading

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