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Digital storytelling tools : GoAnimate Guest blog post

digital storytelling tools guest post

Digital storytelling tools : GoAnimate for Schools Digital storytelling tools are one of the essential things I do in my class. Luckily, I received a plug from Sean Junkins I was recently asked to be a guest blogger for GoAnimate Digital Storytelling Tool GoAnimate to Touch Lives sample…. I wanted … Continue reading

Poster board ideas for your classroom

poster board ideas from concept to creation

Poster board ideas : Advertise your class Poster board ideas aren’t a new concept in the classroom. Kids using them to display projects is getting old. But I decided to come up with some poster board ideas to advertise my class during registration. The first thing that I did was measure and … Continue reading

Flipped class on Google Sketchup and HTML


Flipped Class – How to get one started Flipped class you say? Luckily, I have had a little bit of experience with a Flipped Class before. I had my students show me how to use Minecraft in class. They have also helped me to create a flipped class showing off pieces of … Continue reading

Teacher Journal Reflections – My Year by Year journal entries

teacher journal middle school reflection on technology

Teacher journal from my middle school reflections are listed year by year below The Technology Teacher : Middle School Teacher Reflection Year 7 The latest Teacher journal reflection for Middle School. Here is a little sample: Technology Teacher you say? Well sort of. Last year’s Teacher Journal Reflection for Year Six I wrote about … Continue reading

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