Google+ How to teach #artsed w/ #videogames using @GamestarMech & @edmodo Day2 #macul12 #ncties12 - The Art Tech Teacher Google+

How to teach #artsed w/ #videogames using @GamestarMech & @edmodo Day2 #macul12 #ncties12

Another fun day using the great web site Gamestar Mechanic where my students are learning about basic video game design concepts – such as rules and modifying the rules.

The great thing about the site is as the games get a bit more complicated, they are introduced to levels where they need to “repair” a broken level

As the students play through their levels, they are highly engaged and excited – not to mention extremely frustrated when they can’t beat a level or they get that instant gratification for completing a level and earning “sprites” and awards for their own video game

To help the students learn about modifying a game and learning how to create their own, the students helped me modify a game they are used to: Hopscotch. And a fun thing to do with the kids is when they complete a level, I reward them a badge on Edmodo


And if you would like to make your own video game with Gamestar Mechanic, check out my previous post with instructions, lesson plan and student samples

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