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How to Teach Rhythm Movement & Pattern w/ @Xbox Kinect & #JustDance3 #lessonplan #artsed #gbl

As a wrap up of a week long project on the principles of design: rhythm and movement, I wanted my students to see the connection to other areas of the arts curriculum, reward them for their hard work and prepare them for a upcoming video game / art project using Gamestar Mechanic.

Having a hard time viewing the video at school? Check out the downloaded file off of Animoto:

I think this just really shows the potential of learning with video games, instead of just making them as sole pieces of entertainment. If the teacher is willing to stretch their imagination to combine student interest with classroom content  – the possibilities can be endless.

If you want to make your OWN video games with your students, check out my lesson plan on Gamestar Mechanic here
Want to modify my lesson plans to do this in your OWN art or reg ed classroom? Check out my Google Docs

The 8th graders do figures in motion as inspired by a stroboscope

The 7th graders transform one object into another through progressive steps


The 6th graders created woven pieces of work out of paper similar to African textiles

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