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How to trace images of photographs in DrawCast – lesson plan & tutorials

Can’t draw Images of Photographs realistically?

Images of Photographs can be imported as background layers in DrawCast. DrawCast is a free app that allows to use layers (similar to GIMP or Photoshop) and then paint over them to create unique digital art. Check out some of my other posts on how I have used DrawCast to create art

images of photographs to Drawcast

From image of photograph to digital art

Download/ view my PDF instruction on how turn images of photographs into digital art

 How to trace a images of photographs in DrawCast

If you can not view YouTube videos, here is the first tutorial from SchoolTube that shows how to start and trace images of photographs:

And here is the second tutorial on how to paint those images of photographs and share your art:

Or check out my YouTube playlist


You can also check out the article I wrote about it for Yahoo! Voices,

How to Draw Images of Photographs W/ DrawCast the Free IPhone App

Are you bad at drawing? Do you wish you knew how to draw more realistically? Well, I have found a great way for you take images of photographs and turn them into digital art. I have been using the free iPhone appDrawCast to:

  • Make contour sketches from images of photographs
  • Learn how to draw better by studying form and value
  • Export the photo to be digitally edited in one of these iPhone apps
  • Save money on art supplies and be a “greener” artist
  • Work with layers on an app, similar to Gimp

Images of Photographs to make art

With DrawCast, we can use images of photographs to make old techniques new. I used to take an art lesson where students would trace their hand under a piece of plastic with wet erase markers. They would trace the edges onto a piece of paper as a contour drawing. Another trick is this lesson plan to convert 3D models to 2D line drawings. Now with the freeDrawCast, you can shoot or download a photo and trace the edges on the iPad / iPhone appinstead. No more lost marker caps!  (Click here to read the rest of the article)



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