Google+ iMovie trailers on the iMovie app to learn video editing for #profdev Google+

iMovie trailers on the iMovie app to learn video editing for #profdev

iMovie Trailers for Professional Development

iMovie Trailers are a great way to get introduced to editing video. I hosted a recent staff development where I asked participants to create a trailer that showcased their school.

I was able to gather as much video footage as possible from Whittemore Park Middle school off of YouTube and their Facebook page and then copied it to all of their iPads.

imovie trailers for professional development

A teacher made this using the 3D Morfo booth for digital storytelling

iMovie Trailers on Yahoo! Voices

iMovie Trailers were just one way to edit video. Prior to starting this project, I experimented with a variety of video editing apps.It inspired me to write an article on What is the best app to edit video on an iPad

Check out a sample of my writing from this article:

For the sake of this article, I would like to talk primarily about three apps: iMovie, VideoFX Live and Reel Director. My initial point that I want to do was shoot video with VIdeoFX as they have a variety of features that you can do with a film clip to add some special effects to it. But there are some downsides to it as well.

iPad video pointers

  • The quality isn’t going to be that great
  • Be close to the microphone
  • Be very weary of the orientation of the iPad when you shoot video, it can drastically affect editing later………..

iMovie Trailers Lesson Plan

I figured utilizing iMovie Trailers would be the quickest and easiest way for the participants to create a product.

Check out my Prezi on How to create trailers on the iMovie app

We even had a little time to play around with 3D Morfo Booth where you can take a still image and create it into a 3D talking head.

Want to learn more about video editing in your classroom? Check out my previous posts on How to edit video and/or my Yahoo Voices article The Best Video Editing Programs

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