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Master and Slave Morality : Robotopia original art and videos

Master and Slave Morality? Machine Runs Away from Her Master

master and slave morality display

Click the image for Chapter 2

The second chapter of my novel Robotopia, is a science fiction adventure tale about robots and cyborgs that can’t be together.

Never read the first part of the story? Check out my previous blog post on Robotopia

Master and Slave : Man and Machine

The second Chapter of the novel details the Master and Slave Morality between Machine-kind and Mankind. Ody has a good relationship with his owner/partner Lt. Stan O’Bannon. But Dyna has an inappropriate Master and Slave Morality with her Master Francis Biltmore.

master and slave morality francis

Francis in the story was inspired by the character in “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.”

Master and Slave Morality : The Artwork

Another reason behind publishing my writing was to make some art once more. I really wanted to capitalize on the abilities of DrawCast along with GIMP. So I wanted to make a composition that really showed the fear of the master and slave morality.

Master and Slave Morality : The YouTube videos

One of the great things with using DrawCast is that it creates a video of every line that you made during the drawing. For more on how I created my art, check out my How to trace Photographs in DrawCast post.

Here is a video of how I turned my wife into the Cyborg slave Dyna:

Master and Slave Morality : The Final Composition

As I was editing the second Chapter, I was looking for a great moment that demonstrated the master and slave morality. This segment of the Chapter jumped out for me and I knew how I would illustrate it:

Several domesticated Cyborg models stand at their Master’s door frame. One of the models with the design of a tuxedo engraved into his chest plate, and a very square torso points at the bloody mess. “The Master…he is no longer functioning,” he follows the bloody tread marks to the balcony. The servants see Dyna slung over Ody’s shoulder, reaching out to her fellow domesticated brethren. Ody balances himself on the railing and restrains Dyna’s wiggling limbs. The main domesticated Bot shouts to Ody, “You there. You need to put down Dyna and answer yourself for these actions. Come here this very instant.”

This was when I started to compile ideas that I wanted to draw the main figures in DrawCast, but put each part of the master and slave morality composition together in GIMP. Here is the video on how I did it:

Stay tuned for more videos, art and writing from my Robotopia novel. Here is the full playlist of more YouTube videos that you can access

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