Google+ Minecraft Education : Students' YouTube playlist & Yahoo! article Google+

Minecraft Education : Students’ YouTube playlist and Yahoo! article

Minecraft Education? Just a game, or a creative tool to make collaborative art

Click the link below for my Yahoo! Voices article 

How to Download Minecraft : the Minecraft App in School Project

You can also check out my YouTube playlist of all of my Minecraft in Education videos

Want more Minecraft Education? Student work is showcased in previous Minecraft Education Posts

Minecraft in Education in other sites:

One of my fellow teachers recently interviewed me for my work of using the mobile app with my students for Parent News Magazine. My work using Minecraft in Education has also been showcased through other sites and shared with other teachers that would want to use this game in their class. I was a featured guest blogger on the Teaching Palette, Using Minecraft in Your Art Curriculum

minecraft education in the artsI was also amazed when I googled my name one day along with the term Minecraft Education, and the videos of my students were featured on another site.  The Avatar Generation did a blog post where I was listed just one below the Minecraft Master – Joel Lavin of MinecraftEDU fame. Check out the post:

Top YouTube Minecraft Channels for Teachers

Why Minecraft should be utilized more in Education:

  • Promotes creative problem solving
  • High student engagement – most of them find it highly addictive (dangerous too)
  • Can collaborate with up to five people on a Minecraft server
  • Has two modes, Creative and Survival
  • Keeps getting updated.

 Minecraft Battles

Sure the game can be a little violent, as you can make your own weapons and in Survival mode you fight monsters at night. But the students and I helped come up with the concept for a mock up style Crusades where teams of invaders would bust into their piece of architecture.

The following semester, the students helped me to develop a better system for points and rules during the matches. But essentially, it was a round robin style battle between all groups. I tried to give a little prize at the end, which was essentially to be able to show off their winning piece of art in my YouTube channel:

I have the point system in the form of a PDF if you’d like to utilize it for your class: minecraft_battle

Minecraft Education students make art

My final project that I have done would be the students drawing out a piece of art, and then dilate it via a grid system, such as when artists create enlargements of their art with a grid to keep proper proportion

minecraft education ww2 poster dilation

Comparing the original grid painting and the art created in Minecraft

I also have a variety of these instructions that guided the student through this Minecraft Education handout Minecraft Dilation : from Drawcast to Minecraft blocks

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