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MOOCs Education – are they the future? Is K-12 in danger?

MOOCs Education- Will they replace higher learning?

Furthermore, will MOOCs Education take over the K-12 area as well? MOOCs Education (Massive Open Online Courses) is ruffling a lot of features in universities and is offering up a LOT of competition with high tuition bills and making learning more approachable and customizable to the needs of the learner (as evident in this great blog post: The Minds Behind the Moocs)

Allison Morris created this great graphic about MOOCs

Moocs education infographic

A great and informative Infographic

 MOOCs Education to replace K-12?

K-12 education SHOULD be fearful of MOOCs Education- in fact, I am not sure if educators should be ready to accept and praise this concept, or be fearful of losing their job to MOOCs. This sort of makes me think about this video from Connections Academy on how they compare the two:

Perhaps it seems like science fiction, but there does seem something fearful of the unknown and almost A.I. about MOOCs. I can remember watching  a video not too long about about how Public K-12 “brick and mortar” education needs to really sell itself with such competition of charter schools, private, home and virtual schools out there

But are MOOCs the beginning or the END of it all?

I was really excited about taking online courses when I earned my Masters Degree in Instructional Technology.  One of my courses was to make an Online Course, which I have blogged about my findings and made videos about it for Technology Integration with Video Games. What I liked was that I could work at my own pace and even get a little further ahead.  What I would have liked better is the FREE cost of MOOC Education

I would like to see an infographic that compares actual learning of MOOC Education attendees, not just the professors and assess the MOOC learning compared to a traditional university. Something MUST slip through the gaps with SO many people attending a course at once. Wouldn’t K-12 students also fall through those gaps?

With things like NCLB and the new common core, I think we need to make learning as customizable for the students as possible. I also remember reading a study not too long ago on how much tuition costs have gone up over the past generation – but not the salaries for which that salary granted.

Perhaps MOOCs Education will turn education on its ear, but from a teacher stand point, do you think you will need to be trained in creating an online course for job security.


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