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How to complete a Transformers Comic book collection

I remember walking around in a mall one day as a young teen and I freaked out when I saw Megatron and Cobra Commander on a cover together. GI Joe once again helped out their Hasbro brother by kicking off the storyline prior to Generation 2 got its own book 

Transformers Generation 2 unfortunately only lasted for twelve issues. I actually subscribed to the book via Marvel, and they apologized that my early subscription went to a cancelled book. SO luckily, I had it transferred to GI Joe, which was also cancelled shortly thereafter

Blackthorne Publishing made a few books: How to Draw Transformers and Transformers 3D. The books were printed in red/green so you needed the glasses to actually read them. My Blackthorne isn’t TRULY complete as I am still in need of How to draw 5 and 6 and Transformers 3D #3. Anyone wanna help?

This was a variety of other books I wanted to throw in. A few odds and ends of other books published by Marvel, along with “Choose your Adventure”

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  1. Did you sell these on Ebay?? Please reply. ๐Ÿ™‚

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