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Comic Book! on Xbox Kinect Adventures on Water Disasters

Students got to play 20,000 leaks on Kinect Adventures with the Xbox Kinect. Students felt the actual water disaster in the game, and then they had to collaborate on if they could prevent an actual water disaster, how would they do it.

Students created original pieces of writing that explain how they would have gone back in time to prevent such disasters like the Titanic, Hurricane Katrina, Tsunamis and more. Their script (which they did in Pages) was then altered using the ComicBook! App, where students had to illustrate their story with seven public domain images, or ones that they created.

I do not have much credit on this lesson plan, I was able to search for Xbox Kinect lesson plans and this was a fun one to incorporate kinesthetic learning, writing and creativity through a final product.

Math Collages show Emphasis, Contrast and Quotients


This gallery contains 25 photos.

This was a project that I did with my collaborating math teacher, Mr. Reeser. He provided me the terms that his kids were struggling with. My students made the art, came up with their own definitions and created images to help them remember the terms: Check out the lesson plan … Continue reading

Propaganda Techniques in iMovie trailers

Propaganda techniques

Propaganda Techniques in iMovie Trailers Propaganda Techniques and film go so well together. I really like to do film making projects with my students. A great way to get them introduced into editing video is to make iMovie Trailers. Check out my previous blog post on How to make an iMovie Trailer, … Continue reading

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