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How did Pink Floyd’s The Wall impact 80’s animation


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I spent a good part of my teen years watching this film and frequently analyzing it. Now I’d like to start a series of articles dedicated to animation in the 80’s and nothing makes me want to kick it off more than the beautiful work of Gerald Scarfe in this film.

Pink Floyd The Wall – Awesome animated scenes set to Pink Floyd that are broken up with live action footage so disturbing and jumpy that you will probably have to watch it a few times to understand it. The Wall has scenes of imagery inspired about Nazis, World War IIBritain and a hallucinogenic state of consciousness that only Pink Floyd could produce.

In 1982 Alan Parker worked with Pink Floyd on their concept album and turned it into a feature film. You may also remember Alan Parker from other films in the 80’s and 90’s like the madness induced Angel Heart ; other musicals like Fame and Evita ; the hilarious The Road to Wellville ; and the mind numbing of Midnight Express ………..

Check out more Pink Floyd in my Yahoo! Voices article:

How Did Pink Floyd : the Wall Impact Animation in Film

Pink Floyd may have featured unique and stylized animation, but it definitely stood out from the other pieces of 80s animation. This article about Pink Floyd got me to think about other great pieces of animation in the 80s, and it caused me to create a countdown. Want to know what series had better animation than this film about Pink Floyd?…….

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero 

 Pink Floyd’s spot in 80’s Animation countdown:

I recently created a Squidoo Lens that has links and pictures to all of my articles in the countdown along with links to purchase these great works of 80s animation such as Pink Floyd. Click the picture below or view The Best Animation Cartoons in the 80s

Pink Floyd the Wall Amazon purchase

Click to buy Pink Floyd the Wall and read the other 80s animation articles

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