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Poster board ideas for your classroom

Poster board ideas : Advertise your class

Poster board ideas plan

Poster board ideas aren’t a new concept in the classroom. Kids using them to display projects is getting old. But I decided to come up with someย poster board ideas to advertise my class during registration.ย The first thing that I did was measure and sketch out my plans. I knew how much space I had to work with and which colored scrapbook paper I had available to cover up the poster board AND create some colorful balance.


Poster board ideas : Planning in Publisher

20130731-092256.jpgThere is no template for poster board ideas in Publisher, but you do have the option to create a custom size for a new file. I measured the overall size of the poster board (36″x48″) and added guides.

Poster board ideas : Adding pictures

The great thing about adding pictures in objects in publisher is being able to arrange the exact size and it auto locks into margins and guides for you.

Poster board ideas : Adding Text

Once I knew which pictures would be used, I could type in a text box or two per section and adjust the six. I could also insert a header with Wordart. If you want some poster board ideas check out my PDF of the textย poster board ideas text boxes

Poster board ideas : Printing the Content

I had to right-click on each image, hit “save as image” then print it through Picasa. I then just laid all of the paper out to see how it would look

poster board ideas print layout

Poster board ideas on Cutting and Gluing

It was tough making sure what I glued looked like the poster board ideas in Publisher. Luckily, my wife had some scrapbook accessories for added effects.

Wrapping it up

If you notice the black letters up top, yeah they were really cheap and I know why: they don’t stick.I have found some little textured letters to add onto this thing as well to break up the space up top

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ย Poster board ideas : Final Copy

poster board ideas final draft

What do you think of it? Hit reply below and give you your feedback

poster board ideas from plan to completion

I made this with Instaframe to show plot to completion

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