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Are there presentation alternatives to PowerPoint? Use #GoogleDocs and Empressr

I got tired that my students thought they could only make slideshows using Microsoft Powerpoint. Instead, I made these tutorials for them on alternative sources:

Black Water Middle Art students gathered all of their thoughts and learning processes from their recent paper mache project and I then wanted them to document and share their findings.

Tuesday P’s

I posted all of the class pictures on the Posterous site, and then shared the link via Edmodo. The students had to download at least five pictures of them working on their mask.

Giner P’s

The following week, the students received a variety of links to web 2.0 presentation software. I felt like just about any student could make a Powerpoint, but I thought they could instead create a narration for their findings and then embed the slideshow into the class wall on Edmodo.

Brent C’s

Even though I posted about seven presentation sites, the majority of the students utilized 280 Slides, Empressr and/or Google Docs (especially if they had their own Google account).  

Trenton and Daniel’s

Unfortunately, I feel that a majority of the students were too distracted looking at all of the pictures and/or working with the software was a little hard for them to work with. I created some tutorials to use 280 Slides and Empressr which you can find on a recent post in MY POSTEROUS site so that you can create your own presentation and post it on Edmodo.

Matt R’s

Overall, I really liked the software. I would probably ONLY allow the students to use Empressr next time, as you can create embeddable slideshows into your favorite web site along with a narration. The narration can automatically go through the show so it automatically advances.

Listed below, you can view some of the slideshows and share in on their findings


Caleb and Nick –

Samantha H Jonnie – Alexis – Austin – Taylor –

regina –


jenny h – jacob/damon- demonte- maria p – braeden- Tyler C –   Rebbekah H – Kamryn L –  

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