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Propaganda Techniques in iMovie trailers

Propaganda techniques

Propaganda Techniques in iMovie Trailers Propaganda Techniques and film go so well together. I really like to do film making projects with my students. A great way to get them introduced into editing video is to make iMovie Trailers. Check out my previous blog post on How to make an iMovie Trailer, … Continue reading

WW2 Propaganda Posters on iPad w/ DrawCast

rosie the riveter

WW2 Propaganda Posters with the DrawCast app  My 7th graders studied WW2 Propaganda posters and became inspired to create original pieces of art with the DrawCast app. Check out the full gallery in this DrawCast Grid Painting Edmodo Folder WW2 Propaganda Posters in a Grid Drawing Students analyzed WW2 Propaganda Posters and … Continue reading

Manga Camera Comics creations within Pages (samples and lesson plan)


This gallery contains 13 photos.

After my students played around with the Manga Camera app, they would then edit the photos in Comic Book! You can see some other examples on a previous Manga Camera blog post They then arranged all of the edited photos into Pages along with a capt… Continue reading

Recycled art for Burroughs and Chapin art museum contest

Recycled art for Burroughs and Chapin art museum contest

Check out the work that my students made using glue sticks and recycled goods for Burroughs and Chapin’s Art Museum the Art of Recycling contest. I think the students really enjoyed this by being creative and putting work together that was just go… Continue reading

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