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Care Bear Stare! a Review of the Animated Cartoon in the 80s my Yahoo! Contributor network article

BLECK! I know those fuzzy wuzzy Bears just turn your stomach – BUT according to my data, they truly were the king of cartoons in the 80s. Check out my Care Bears animated series review to find out why. Click on the Pinterest pic below for the revi… Continue reading

The Real Ghostbusters animated series review

Source: via James on Pinterest How did this long running series help change animation in the 80s? What was the difference between the Real Ghostbusters and the Ghostbusters with the Gorilla? Check out my Ghostbusters article on Ya… Continue reading

How did Pink Floyd’s The Wall impact 80’s animation

How did Pink Floyd's The Wall impact animation in the 80's

Check out my latest 80’s animation article Pink Floyd’s The Wall I spent a good part of my teen years watching this film and frequently analyzing it. Now I’d like to start a series of articles dedicated to animation in the 80’s and nothing makes m… Continue reading

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