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iTunes U Course : “Students As Content Creators” – my resources to make digital art

itunes u course for students as content creators

iTunes U Course: “Students As Content Creators” iTunes U as a final project? What an honor to be one of twenty people in my school district that got invited to be part of this committee. If iTunes U has an opportunity to showcase the best of the best for my … Continue reading

How to Program with Hopscotch – How do you get an App to Program Art

how to program on hopscotch youtube thumbnail

How to Program with Hopscotch? Read my article on Yahoo! Contributor Network How Do You Get an App to Code? How to Program with Hopscotch Click the link above to read the full article on Yahoo! Contributor Network, OR scroll down for a sample… This video showcases a collection of … Continue reading

Essay writing w/ Pages & Feedback w/ Paperport Notes Apps

Two students collaborate on their writing and give feedback

In preparation for the PASS writing test, my students created pieces of essay writing that were essentially persuasive essays. They utilized the app Pages to start writing their 500 word pieces Essay Writing Brainstorm and Mind Mapping They were able at first to brainstorm their ideas with the Popplet App and some of them … Continue reading

“Black Water Middle School” App – BWMS Mobile – Updates, Games, Learning & More

"Black Water Middle School" App - BWMS Mobile - Updates, Games, Learning & More

Want updates for Black Water Middle School? Live a mobile life? Click here for the web app Mr. Reeser and I created an app for Black Water Middle. It started off as something to inform the community about the school, but it continued to grow to in… Continue reading

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