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Are there presentation alternatives to PowerPoint? Use #GoogleDocs and Empressr

I got tired that my students thought they could only make slideshows using Microsoft Powerpoint. Instead, I made these tutorials for them on alternative sources: Black Water Middle Art students gathered all of their thoughts and learning processes… Continue reading

How can you make an online presentation with Empressr?

How can you make an online presentation with Empressr?

If you would like to use the site 280 Slides you can make an online presentation and turn it into an embeddable piece of work on your favorite web site. The site is really easy to use, all you need to do is plug in an email (won’t have to check it… Continue reading

What is Edmodo? Social media for teachers and students – my tutorials

what is edmodo social media

Want to bring Edmodo into your classroom? Check out my Yahoo Voices article on Using Social Networking in the Classroom Feel free to utlize any of the videos below when you are first setting up your class, managing student accounts or contacting y… Continue reading

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