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Student’s #Cyberbullying Filmmaking project documentation and gallery #artsed #film #myr

Student's #Cyberbullying Filmmaking project documentation and gallery #artsed #film #myr

My students have been working very hard on creating their music videos about Cyber Bullying. They collaborated on Edmodo, used Open Office to write their scripts and Storyboarded with Storypages. We also had a lot of fun playing a day of acting ga… Continue reading

How to make movies in your class part 1: Student scripts on Cyber #Bullying w/ @TeamOpenOffice #cue12 #ctl2012

My 8th graders worked in teams and each picked up roles to create a film making team in order to create a music video on cyber bullying. The teams divided up into different roles: Director, Producer, Cinematographer and Writer/Actor/Production Ass… Continue reading

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