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Google Sketchup dream house gallery


This gallery contains 25 photos.

Google Sketchup Dream Houses I can’t take much credit for this Google Sketchup project. The following samples of dream houses are the work of my two 8th grade girls who planned this concept. To read more about our project, check out Google Sketchup Flipped Class.  You can download this free … Continue reading

Flipped class on Google Sketchup and HTML


Flipped Class – How to get one started Flipped class you say? Luckily, I have had a little bit of experience with a Flipped Class before. I had my students show me how to use Minecraft in class. They have also helped me to create a flipped class showing off pieces of … Continue reading

Google sketchup student work fall ’12

Google sketchup student work fall '12

My students got to use Google Sketchup as they designed their dream house. Some of them actually built something from scratch, and some of them just downloaded models from the Google Sketchup server and modified them. One of my students talks abou… Continue reading

Can you teach perspective with a 3D modeling program? Use @Google SketchUp

Can you teach perspective with a 3D modeling program? Use @Google SketchUp

Do you want to incorporate 3D modeling in your class? Check out my Yahoo Voices article Teaching Sculpture on iPods Here is a collection of images that my students made utilizing Google Sketch Up. They got most of their information on the video tu… Continue reading

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