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WW2 Propaganda Posters on iPad w/ DrawCast

rosie the riveter

WW2 Propaganda Posters with the DrawCast app  My 7th graders studied WW2 Propaganda posters and became inspired to create original pieces of art with the DrawCast app. Check out the full gallery in this DrawCast Grid Painting Edmodo Folder WW2 Propaganda Posters in a Grid Drawing Students analyzed WW2 Propaganda Posters and … Continue reading

Perspective Drawing of the Renaissance with GIMP


This gallery contains 12 photos.

Perspective Drawing Intro To get my students into Perspective Drawing, they at first have to study some art from the Renaissance. On the day that I am not in class, I give them a handout with basics on perspective drawing that can get the students to independently draw the one … Continue reading

How to trace images of photographs in DrawCast – lesson plan & tutorials

from photo to finish

Can’t draw Images of Photographs realistically? Images of Photographs can be imported as background layers in DrawCast. DrawCast is a free app that allows to use layers (similar to GIMP or Photoshop) and then paint over them to create unique digital art. Check out some of my other posts on … Continue reading

African American History Month Art : Digitally Edited African American Art

African American History Month Art : Digitally Edited African American Art

My students used a variety of photo editing apps in order to complete this assignment. For Black History Month, they each downloaded several photographs and had to edit each one with a different app. Click down on the bottom on the page for the le… Continue reading

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