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WW2 Propaganda Art using DrawCast on iPad


WW2 Propaganda Art Using DrawCast on iPad  My 8th graders studied WW2 Propaganda Art in their Social Studies class and Media Arts. The students became inspired to create original pieces of art with the DrawCast app. Check out the full gallery in this Edmodo Folder: 8th grade Grid Painting  WW2 Propaganda … Continue reading

Poster board ideas for your classroom

poster board ideas from concept to creation

Poster board ideas : Advertise your class Poster board ideas aren’t a new concept in the classroom. Kids using them to display projects is getting old. But I decided to come up with some poster board ideas to advertise my class during registration. The first thing that I did was measure and … Continue reading

7th grade Portfolios w/ Elements & Principles of Design (Fall ’11)

7th grade Portfolios w/ Elements & Principles of Design (Fall '11)

7th graders utilized handouts to expand their knowledge on the building blocks of art: Elements of Design, and how to use them with the proper tools: The Principles of Design. 2nd block: 6th block: Continue reading

8th grade Graffiti name tag Portfolios (Fall ’11)

8th grade Graffiti name tag Portfolios (Fall '11)

Students studied the work of Keith Haring and the Principles of Design to create their name on their portfolio in the style of graffiti 1st block 5th block Continue reading

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