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WW2 Propaganda Posters on iPad w/ DrawCast

rosie the riveter

WW2 Propaganda Posters with the DrawCast app  My 7th graders studied WW2 Propaganda posters and became inspired to create original pieces of art with the DrawCast app. Check out the full gallery in this DrawCast Grid Painting Edmodo Folder WW2 Propaganda Posters in a Grid Drawing Students analyzed WW2 Propaganda Posters and … Continue reading

Renaissance grid drawing on iPad w/ DrawCast

anatomy renaissance grid art

Renaissance Grid Drawing with the DrawCast app  6th graders studied the characteristics of Renaissance grid drawings and were then sent to the task to recreate this out of Minecraft blocks. Check out the Edmodo folder of DrawCast grid paintings of Renaissance Art  Renaissance Grid Drawing by Albrecht Durer Renaissance Grid … Continue reading

Student creates 3d model of ancient Egypt with Minecraft

Student creates 3d model of ancient Egypt with Minecraft

By teaming up with the 6th grade Social Studies standards, the students took their knowledge about Ancient Egypt and applied it towards the art they made in my class using Minecraft See how this student showcases a model of his Minecraft world aft… Continue reading

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