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How to manage behavior with Class Dojo – TLC presentation 2014

middle school teacher reflection dojo

Check out all of the resources that I use for my Class Dojo session in this Edmodo Folder On top of using a lot of resources that are made AND produced by Class Dojo, I like to use this opening Prezi to introduce teachers to this great tool Besides the … Continue reading

Accepted to #Iste13 to show off @GamestarMech for Gaming In Education

Accepted to #Iste13 to show off @GamestarMech for Gaming In Education

It is an EXTREME honor to know that my content that I wanted to share about this awesome video game design program got accepted (check out my previous posts about Gamestar Mechanic) This is the first time I entered and tried to present at a nation… Continue reading

iMovie trailers on the iMovie app to learn video editing for #profdev

imovie trailers for professional development

I hosted a recent staff development where I asked participants to create a trailer that showcased their school. I was able to gather as much video footage as possible from Whittemore Park Middle school off of YouTube and their Facebook page and th… Continue reading

Technology Leadership Video using WeVideo

Technology Leadership Video using WeVideo

This video demonstrates a professional development session that I co-hosted where we compared and contrasted WeVideo to Windows Movie Maker as a digital storytelling and film editing tool. If you find the text a little difficult to read, you can d… Continue reading

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