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How to manage behavior with Class Dojo – TLC presentation 2014

middle school teacher reflection dojo

Check out all of the resources that I use for my Class Dojo session in this Edmodo Folder On top of using a lot of resources that are made AND produced by Class Dojo, I like to use this opening Prezi to introduce teachers to this great tool Besides the … Continue reading

Explain Everything iPad App Flipped Tutorials -How To Make Digital Art

explain everything ipad app youtube playlist screencap

Explain Everything iPad App overview Explain Everything iPad App is a great way for people to share their findings and discussions in an app. I recently made an explanation of Explain Everything in my iTunes course: “Students as Content Creators.” Explain Everything iPad App is great because: Can import media … Continue reading

How to trace images of photographs in DrawCast – lesson plan & tutorials

from photo to finish

Can’t draw Images of Photographs realistically? Images of Photographs can be imported as background layers in DrawCast. DrawCast is a free app that allows to use layers (similar to GIMP or Photoshop) and then paint over them to create unique digital art. Check out some of my other posts on … Continue reading

Are there presentation alternatives to PowerPoint? Use #GoogleDocs and Empressr

I got tired that my students thought they could only make slideshows using Microsoft Powerpoint. Instead, I made these tutorials for them on alternative sources: Black Water Middle Art students gathered all of their thoughts and learning processes… Continue reading

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