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Comic Book! on Xbox Kinect Adventures on Water Disasters

Photo Sep 26, 10 11 03 AM

Students got to play 20,000 leaks on Kinect Adventures with the Xbox Kinect. Students felt the actual water disaster in the game, and then they had to collaborate on if they could prevent an actual water disaster, how would they do it. Students created original pieces of writing that explain … Continue reading

Xbox Just Dance 4 Dance off – Who is better, Boys or Girls?

Xbox kinect infographic

I was trying to utilize physical activity, Math and video games in my class – so I decided to let my students collect data w/ iSpreadsheet, dance with the school’s new Kinect system and eventually analyze this data for a future infographic. Here i… Continue reading

How to Teach Rhythm Movement & Pattern w/ @Xbox Kinect & #JustDance3 #lessonplan #artsed #gbl

How to Teach Rhythm Movement & Pattern w/ @Xbox Kinect & #JustDance3 #lessonplan #artsed #gbl

As a wrap up of a week long project on the principles of design: rhythm and movement, I wanted my students to see the connection to other areas of the arts curriculum, reward them for their hard work and prepare them for a upcoming video game / ar… Continue reading

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