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Student Animations based on Essay Writing for PASS test

A love for One Direction After the students completed their pieces of writing for the PASS test, they started to think about ways to create their writing into pieces of digital storytelling. Want to know more about Animation in the Classroom? Check out my Yahoo! Voices article for some resources … Continue reading

My ultimate Class Dojo resources (article and YouTube playlist)

Click the image below for my Yahoo Contributor Network article: Using Class Dojo: IT Education Tool for Behavior of Middle School Source: via James on Pinterest I have also created a YouTube playlist with my own tutorials and some… Continue reading

Are there presentation alternatives to PowerPoint? Use #GoogleDocs and Empressr

I got tired that my students thought they could only make slideshows using Microsoft Powerpoint. Instead, I made these tutorials for them on alternative sources: Black Water Middle Art students gathered all of their thoughts and learning processes… Continue reading

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