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Teacher Journal Reflections – My Year by Year journal entries

Teacher journal from my middle school reflections are listed year by year below

teacher journal for middle school year 1

The Technology Teacher : Middle School Teacher Reflection Year 7

The latest Teacher journal reflection for Middle School. Here is a little sample:

Technology Teacher you say? Well sort of. Last year’s Teacher Journal Reflection for Year Six I wrote about being at a crossroads for job positions. I didn’t get the Technology Coordinator job, and was full of mixed emotions after the news. On the bright side, I did become the technology driven Media Arts teacher. I have the only middle school class in the county where students make art on an iPad in our Arts Magnet school. On top of the new class, I also accomplished:

Technology achievements (listing them now to compare next year)

Technology promotes student work and writing due to SEO

Over the summer, I enrolled in these “courses” for Yahoo! Voices. They were quite the eye opener on how I should write. I feel my writing became formulaic, but surprised with the money I started to make. I learned the value of back linking and keyword research in technology…………..DON’T FORGET THE TEACHER REFLECTIONS THAT STARTED IT ALL: 

Confessions of a First Year Teacher

Confessions of a 2nd Year Teacher

Confessions of a Third Year Teacher: Life in the Art Room

Confessions of a Fourth Year Teacher

Confessions of a Fifth Year Teacher

Confessions of a Sixth Year Teacher – Let’s Get Digital

I have also done other Teacher related Articles:

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The Films that Made Me Want to Get into Education: Billy Madison

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