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What are some of best tools to digitally edit movies

A Free Essential Tool for Your Latest Animation or Digital Storytelling Project


Over the course of the next few weeks, I would like to discuss a few sources for programs that can be used to edit film and for your students to create forms of digital storytelling in your classroom. Going back to my previous career of an independent film maker, I have used programs such as Windows Movie Maker, Flip Share, IMovie, FinalCut Pro, Ulead Media Studio, Dell Movie Studio, Picasa, Quicktime Pro and there are also some great sites out there such as and You can use a variety of software and/or hardware for this project, but for the sake of argument, I have four Flip Cameras, which I purchased through the great web site of, which has one of the best deals to buy two Flip Cameras for the price of one……

You can also check out WeVideo, which I have a few tutorials here in my YouTube playlist

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