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What is Edmodo? Social media for teachers and students – my tutorials

What is Edmodo? View resources below for Social Media tool

Are you a teacher that keeps hearing about social media  with students in the classroom? Do you want to know what is Edmodo and how you can safely communicate with your students and their parents by using social media aspects? Check out my What is Edmodo YouTube playlist full of the latest tutorials or scroll down for more social media education tips


Want to bring Edmodo into your classroom? Check out my Yahoo Voices article on Using Social Media in the Classroom

I have also made a follow up post to this on What is Edmodo used for in Assessment:

Feel free to utilize any of the videos below when you are first setting up your class, managing student accounts or contacting your students. You can download the actual videos below, or you can watch them in a streaming fashion through the Embedr playlist.


what is edmodo tutorial-create and manage student accounts 

 Use this video in order to first create your student accounts on Edmodo, or in case you need to manage them if a student loses their login information










what is edmodo tutorial-how to add an rss feed to your class 

what is edmodo social media avatar



Use this tutorial if you would like to add an RSS feed to your class such as from a social media source, class blog, educational site or video channel so that you don’t have to do too much work to inform your students



what is edmodo tutorial – how to adjust your profile settings and receive notifications 

Use this edmodo tutorial if you want to adjust your profile image (avatar) along with how do you want you and your students to receive notifications: through email or on their cell phone (NOTE ONLY USE THAT OPTION IF YOUR STUDENTS HAVE UNLIMITED TEXTING) You can also adjust/create a public profile to communicate with other teachers



what is edmodo tutorial – how to create and grade assignments 

Use this edmodo tutorial to help you create your first assignment or learn how to load one from your library if you made a previous assignment. I also guide you through the process of how your student completes the assignment and how easy it is for you to grade it and store their grades



what is edmodo tutorial – how to navigate through your site 

Use this edmodo tutorial if you are getting lost with all of the features and images on your home page. I show you which links to click on to help you sort through all of the posts and how you can update your public profile. Just like navigating through another social media tool, Facebook.



what is edmodo tutorial – how to send files and links 

Use this edmodo tutorial so that you can send files such as images, Office documents or audio files to your students. I also show how to send a link to a web site, and the differences between sending video url/embed codes from social media sites like You Tube and School Tube



what is edmodo tutorial – how to send notes, alerts and polls 

Use this edmodo tutorial to utilize some of the easiest ways to connect and get feedback from your student. The three most common used features are note (send a message to a student/class); alert (an immediate notification) or a poll to conduct quick and easy assessment


For more Teacher Resources, you can check out the official page on Edmodo for Teachers


Wanna tell other teachers what is Edmodo all about, be sure to check out the lens that I created on technology writing  on Squidoo and other web 2.0 and open source software programs that you can use in your classroom to connect with your students through social media.








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