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Xbox Just Dance 4 Dance off – Who is better, Boys or Girls?

Xbox in Education: Kid toy or Learning Tool?

xbox kinect dance off experiment

Check out what I learned with the Xbox and other Kinect games the following semester,

How to use Xbox Kinect in the Middle School Classroom

Getting the Xbox into the classroom was really exciting this year. I had a new curriculum and I received some art funds to make a tech purchase of getting my own personal Xbox with a Kinect into my classroom.

Last year, I brought my own Xbox in and used it as an incentive for the students and they also learned the connection between programming their Gamestar Mechanic game and the programming done in video games such as Just Dance 3 (check out last year’s post)

This time around, I wanted to incorporate Math into the interdisciplinary lesson. I was inspired by some Edtech presentation of other teachers using video games to collect game scores and find averages and such. I knew I could hook the kids in with the Xbox, plus make it competitive by proposing the theory:ย All Boys Can Dance Better Than Girls

Of course, this was used to motivate the boys who didn’t want to get caught dancing in front of their peers. BUT I was really amazed how well they busted their moves.

The Xbox Lesson using Just Dance 4 and Data Collection

I was trying to utilize physical activity, Math and video games in my class – so I decided to let my students collect data w/ iSpreadsheet, dance with the school’s new Kinect system and eventually analyze this data for a future infographic. ย Here is a sample video of our findings:

My students also collected data from their classmates based on student age, player color (meaning, where the student was standing where they played), sex and score. The plan for next semester is to create an infographic that showcases the analysis of the data that will be preformed by the BWMS Math classes.

Here is a spreadsheet from each of the classes:







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